Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Guest post from Dermot Cooke

Sometimes the life of a writer can be very challenging. I often seek refuge in those who uplift me. I am fortune to have such a friend who believes in postive thinking. His name is Dermot Cooke and he resides in Western, Ireland.  Today I will share his feelings about depression.  

Depression is not a physical entity in the form of a disease. It is a thought process that reacts to the negative or positive images we feed into it. If one is constantly brooding about unsavory happenings in their lives rather than the very happy ones, then they themselves are fertilizing the seeds of unhappiness in their minds. Unhappiness which is commercially labelled “depression”. I vouch for self-help and my motto is: “we are the products of our own thoughts”. Therefore, we can control our own moods and depression. The raising of one’s own self-esteem and the recognition and elimination of one’s self pity will open the doors to step out of the darkness and into the bright sunshine of stability and happiness. Many moons ago I was in that dark tunnel and came out into the light and it has been bright sunshine all the way over the years since and many others have shared my happiness. If self-help as advised above was the main agenda the Government would find itself getting change from its investment and startling change in the health of the nation. People are made stronger upon realizing that the helping hand they need is at the end of their own arm.
--By Dermot Cooke © 2016
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